Our Mission Is The Elimination Of Life-Threatening Bloodstream Infections

Our Vision Is To Make Life-Threatening Bloodstream Infections A Thing Of The Past

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Revolutionary treatment to combat bloodstream infections with CE Mark

Seraph 100 is the first device with an indication to specifically reduce pathogens in the bloodstream in adjunction to antibiotic therapy. An effective long-awaited approved adjunctive therapy to conventional regiments for both drug-resistant and drug-susceptible pathogens

Safe, early intervention option

An EU clinical safety trial showed no device or treatment-related adverse or serious adverse events. Multiple, independent pre-clinical experiments have shown the safety and biocompatibility of the Seraph 100. Rapid reduction of pathogens requires as little as one 4-hour session, and can be used as an early intervention prior to pathogen identification due to its broad-spectrum binding

Seraph 100 contributes to better antibiotic management

The binding properties of the filter allow Seraph 100 to reduce drug-resistant pathogens, without the threat of pathogens becoming resistant in the future

Our technology

ExThera’s proprietary Seraph 100Microbind Affinity Blood Filter (Seraph 100) is the first CE-certified technology designed to reduce blood-borne pathogens during bloodstream infections.

The Seraph 100 is both fast and efficient. The device is engineered to operate with a low pressure drop at blood flow rates up to 350 mL/ minute and is designed to easily “add-on” to common blood purification equipment.

Seraph 100 is a unique tool to help provide a global Solution to life-threatening blood infections The key attributes of the Seraph

  • Designed to quickly reduce drug-resistant and drug-susceptible pathogens
  • Large binding capacity for pathogens
  • Broad-spectrum hemoperfusion device for reducing pathogens during bloodstream infections
  • Safe and effective
  • Non-toxic

Short overview of our Seraph Blood Filter

  • Unique, broad-spectrum hemoperfusion device
  • Designed to safely and effectively treat bloodstream infections
  • Allows up to 95% reduction of incoming bloodstream pathogens during each pass of blood through the Seraph filter.
  • End-point-attached heparin surface is highly antithrombogenic, contributing to device safety
  • Compatible with most blood purification equipment
  • Can be used alone or concurrently with hemodialysis

ExThera Medical Europe

ExThera Medical was established in 2007 by the Emergence Venture Partners life science incubator and ExThera AB at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. We focus on the treatment of drug-resistant and drug-sensitive blood infections in high-risk patient populations, and provide field-deployable versions for the biological defense and military fields. Our headquarters is in Martinez, California.

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