Seraph 100

The Seraph 100 Microbind Affinity Filter (Seraph 100) is a unique, broad-spectrum hemoperfusion device designed to safely and effectively treat bloodstream infections by significantly reducing the concentration of drug-resistant and drug-susceptible pathogens.

How does the Seraph 100 Blood Filter work

Seraph 100 is a broad-spectrum, anti-thrombogenic hemoperfusion device. The filter contains polymer beads coated with heparin, a compound similar in structure to heparan sulfate. Over time, pathogens in the human body have evolved to target heparan sulfate, which is the main glycoprotein found on the walls of blood vessels (another name for the surface lining the inside of blood vessels is endothelial glycocalyx). The heparin coating on the Seraph 100 beads is designed to mimic the behavior of the glycocalyx inside the human body and act as a binding site for pathogens circulating in the blood. When used with a hemodialysis machine, Seraph 100 can help reduce various viruses, Gram-negative, Gram-positive and resistant bacteria.